Happy Fluffy Diamond Coal


Brand: Happy Fluffy  happyfluffy.com.my

Wrap Name: Diamond Coal, Size Long 7
Blend: 100%Linen

Density: 280 g/m2
Colour: denim

Key Features: basket, cool to touch, supportive


About the Brand:

The company started off with love of receiving fluffy mails! And of course spreading the benefits of babywearing.

Currently we are a home-based business and operates online via this website, Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.


First thing I noticed it that Coal if very cool to touch! It must be perfect for summer. It’s quite shiny, feels very soft and slippery at hand. The tester wrap is a long 7 with blunt ends. It feels very supportive, once adjusted properly, leaving a small, neat knot. Blunt ends are fairly unusual, but this didn’t affect the wrapping.

Diamond Coal is the first Happy Fluffy wrap I tried and frankly it’s quite hard to find information about them here in the UK. I’m quite impressed my all linen wrap and would love to see more of these around!

I think the wrap will work great for newborn and toddlers alike.

The Pattern Look:

I loved the Denim colour combination of dark navy blue and silver. The scale feels right and detailed. The diamonds are horizontally arranged each 6x4cm and made up of tiny stripes, giving and overall stylish look to the wrap.

The style is created for busy everyday life and I wouldn’t hesitate to take this wrap on holidays with me.

The Wrapping Qualities:

The Diamond Coal is perfect for the multilayer backcarriers in my view. It’s a basket with not bounce, but very supportive thanks to linen. It took time to master the silky linen, though!

It didn’t really work for us in FWCC with the baby trying to move all the time. With no stretch and being quite slippery it felt like the wrapping job is falling apart.

Then we tried back carriers and Oh, Miracle! My toddler felt weightless! Double hammock with chest pass worked great! The baby asleep in no time and both of us felt very comfortable.

We were mainly wearing at home, though. I tried once on my winter jacket and again it felt a bit slippery. But without coat layer it felt great!


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