Marisso Slings

About the Brand:
Made of motherly love woven into baby slings, designed by a mum for mums. The slings are woven in England and hand finished in Scotland.
Marisso’s owner and creator Ana, is using the best quality yarns for the wraps.
All yarns used to make fabric has OEKO-TEX® certificate and are suitable for babies.


Did you know that not all cotton is created equal?

->Lond Stample Egyptian Cotton.

Our warp LONG-STAPLE Egyptian cotton is the luxurious cotton typically associated with the label. It is typically grown along the banks of the Nile. Long-staple Egyptian cotton is recognized as one of the highest-quality cottons available. When used to make fabric, it produces lavish, silky fabric that become softer and softer.

This high-quality long-staple cotton makes up approximately 7 percent of all the cotton produced in Egypt and is priced accordingly.

Egyptian cotton are made from any cotton from Egypt, whether it is high or low quality, short or long staple. Some items labeled as Egyptian cotton may contain only a small percentage of Egyptian cotton or none at all because there are no legal requirements for labeling.

Sleepy Reviews:

Marisso Slings Aspen (Pink Tussah)

‘This design has been born dreaming of spring with trees full of new green leaves and flowers. Hopefully it will bring you spring breeze even in the middle of winter’



Marisso Slings Cover Blue Sky

As the name Caver suggests,  the inspiration for this patterns comes from the Scottish wind.


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