Dahlia Wrap, Oasis of Silence

Brand: Dahlia Wrap www.dahliawrap.com, Canada
Wrap Name: Oasis of Silence , Size 6
Blend: 100% Cotton
Density: 280 g/m2
Release: 2018
Colour: dark petrol / red
Key Features: all-round, supportive, cushy

About the Brand

“A story of sharing and tenderness that I felt like creating here in Canada. It was to become the first project of its kind in Quebec. I worked to create my business with Julia close to my heart. It was me. Her. And what was to become you. Us.” Andrée-Anne, the creator 



What a beautiful wrap! Said… my husband. He rarely pays attention to the wraps here. But this one he wanted to buy straight away for himself. We received the tester in size 6, but a little more than a week after that our own size 7 arrived, so I had a chance to see both side by side.

Dahlia’s owner Andrée-Anne made this purchase a very pleasant experience! I felt special to be part of Dahlia Wrap With You FB group and to have the opportunity to buy the wrap that is not released yet.

Also, the fact that ordering from Canada to EU (and yes, UK is still EU) comes without customs, thanks to CETA agreement, was one of the reason to go for a purchase without second thoughts. The price all in was £127, which is more than reasonable for the quality!

What caught my eye first is a beautiful, thoughtful packaging. I’d rank it #1 across all packaging I’ve seen! The box even had a dry lavender bag in it! My own wrap came in simpler packaging version, yet with handy and cute tote, featuring one of Dahlia’s patterns.

The Pattern Look

It seems the name matched this design so well! Birds fly across almost solid warp, almost because there are weave-like strokes that densify towards the rails. I’d say this pattern looks like it is created for the baby wrap –  it looks great when wrapped and creates beautiful finishes.

The birds are quite detailed and look striking in this colour combination.

The Wrapping Qualities

We fell in love not only with the colours and the pattern, but also with the way the wrap feels. Very cushy, soft and supportive – just amazing for the 100% Cotton!

Both of us are base size 6, yet we decided to go for a 7 because we felt it wraps a little short.

It is definitely toddler-worthy and easy to carry my 12kg boy in. It’s quite thick, but wraps easily and stays in place well. Certain sleepy dust included, I think we need to wear more to open up its full potential








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