Miloves Slings Hope Dusk

Brand: Miloves Slings, Scotland
Wrap Name: Hope Dusk, Size 6
Blend: 90% Cotton, 10% Wool
Density: 300 g/m2
Release: 2018
Colour: natty, baby blue, ecru
Key Features: cushy, mouldable, cozy

About The Brand:

Miloves Slings is UK based brand, all our items are handmade in Scotland.

It’s the place where the true passion to babywearing and love to our children come together.

We use only the best yarns in a beautiful rich colors. The yarns has the Oeko Tex certification to guarantee a safe spinning and dyeing process without harmful chemicals.


Dusk is super cozy! It gave me the feeling of a warm hug. It was really hard to let it go when the time came to say goodbye to the tester.

I think it definitely falls in the category of ‘Cushy Weave’, like Hope Scarlet

‘The weave which is adding softness to the wrap especially for the heavy ones.’

I imagine 10% wool content also contributes to the overall feel and appearance. It’s not itchy at all.

I think my 2y.o. enjoyed it too. He looked very relaxed and calm and would fall asleep quickly most of the times. Looks like the wrap has extra amount of sleepy dust included

The Pattern Look:

The flowery pattern looks very pretty in this calm natty/light blue combination. I think it’s a great pattern for the woven wrap. It has medium scale flowers and leaves combined in one seamless composition.

Looking at Scarlet and Dusk, two Hope wraps released to date, I think I prefer Dusk for its subtle appearance.

The Wrapping Qualities:

It’s easy to wrap and adjust, despite the wrap being quick thick.

It has the right amount of bounce and definitely works for the older kids! My shoulders felt great during an hour long toddler nap and a few longer walks outside. The wrap is grippy more due to the textured weave than the pattern.

I tried a size 6, but I guess it also works great as a shorty.

Because of its softness, I think it would be nice for the smaller babies as well, though the amount of fabric that needs to pass underneath the legs is quite substantial and works better with the bigger babies.



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