MOM 14-4810 (CANAL BLUE)

Brand: MOM,, Czech Republic
Wrap Name: MOM 14-4810 (CANAL BLUE), Size 6
Blend: 100% Cotton
Density: 275 g/m2
Release: 2017
Colour: light blue
Key Features: all-round, supportive, cushy

About the brand

MOM is “enfant terrible” of OMNIFERA       MOM = Minimal OMnifera

Because a babywearing world is flooded by an infinite sea of bold designs and colours, in elusive blends and complicated games, we came to save it.

We offer simplicity. We are here for those, who desire not to be tortured by studying of weights, blends and neverending searching for complicated ornaments, figures and buyonant flower patterns of unbelievable colours.

After years of experimenting we enlightened. You need just one perfect all cotton wrap. Nothing more. And we have it for you. We solved all the confusion with a material, weight and design for you, you just need to choose your favourite colour. Please spend the time we saved to you with your family.


I’ve been following Omnifera for a while, but haven’t got a chance to own one yet. Patterns with reference to architectural design of some of the wraps, combined with the quality and outstanding presentation style, made Omnifera one of my favourite brands without even trying it. 

Minimal Onifera was first introduced in late 2017 by releasing its first set of Pantone colour wraps. 

When I saw MOM’s first releases, the simplicity and reference to design at the same time intrigued me. It looked like the wraps also had great wrapping qualities so I started to look for the opportunity to try one.  I thought other mamas in the U.K. would appreciate MOM too so the idea was born to send one of the wrap travelling here. The wrap is currently on its journey across the country. 

Truly minimalist Ominfera features solid Pantone colour Canal Blue on one side and Ecru on the other side. The dots gradually scattered from one edge towards the middle of the wrap give a cute detail.

The Look

From the first look at the package and the contents, one can see that this brand is about design and attention to the details! In addition to instruction cards, there is an engraved sling ring, which can be used for fancy finishes. There is also a tote, actually not quite so, unless you assemble it using the square cloth and the band included. If you want to store your sling nicely folded, you can also use the above mentioned to create a storage packaging for it.

The Wearing Qualities

I very much enjoyed the quality, which could be felt just by touching the fabric. I like the attention to the rails and how the word ‘mom’ I woven into them. It feels very thoughtful and meaningful! 

After a wash, the 100% cotton felt cushy and spongy instantly. It worked very well with my toddler and I’m sure would work to make a new baby comfortable and cozy.

It has the right amount of bounce for us. It also has an extra amount of sleepy dust included!




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