Supu Helix Luna



Brand: Supu Woven Wraps

Wrap: Helix Luna

Blend: 100% Ethically Sourced cotton

Density: 340 GSM

Colour: mono

Key features: all-round, practical, stylish

About the brand:

The founder of SUPU Woven Wraps, Jess, is a mum from New Zealand living in the UK.  She has always have loved fabric and textiles. Creativity through textiles has been a lifelong passion that has allowed her to work as a textile designer throughout the adult life.


I was lucky to test Helix Luna with my 21m old toddler this week.

It’s the first SUPU wrap I held in hands and I have to say the first impression of the brand in general is great! I pause here for a second to mention the canvas storage tote, which is very handy. The detailing like the middle marker and the label are well designed and cute and altogether show the distinct style of SUPU.

Luna Size 6 has been touring for two months before it arrived to me, so the wrap was already well broken in and super soft. The fabric feels textured on the microscale due to the double weave. I would say the weave is quite loose, though it tightened up a bit after a quick wash. The wrap is definitely one of the cushiest I tried, but doesn’t feel thick.

The Wrapping Qualities:

The declared 340 GSM can be only felt on the second passes and when you actually make a knot, which is quite big.

I first tried the wrap at home and it felt bouncy and good on the shoulders. It was easy to wrap with. I had enough length to make a double know with hanging ends in a standard FWCC. My base size is 6. My son liked the touch of fabric and we manage around 15 minutes before he started jumping an leaning – probably his own way to test the wrap! I would say adjusting Luna is not the easiest, but manageable if the baby is not moving.

As I mainly carry outdoors, we decided to take Luna for a walk. It was one of the coldest days so far so the baby was wearing the padded jacket, making him twice bigger than at home. I was wrapping on to of a wool sweater, which made the job a bit more difficult. With a lot of layers of cloth on both of us we managed the FWCC, but this time I could only make a single knot, which still felt solid enough. The wrap felt solid and comfortable and the baby felt weightless.

I think Luna is a great day-to-day easy care wrap. I think it’s better for outdoors and would work well with both little ones and bigger babies, once broken in.

Thank you Jess Anderson for the opportunity to test this wrap!


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