Marisso Slings Cover Blue Sky

Brand: Marisso Slings
Wrap Name: Caver Blue Sky, Size 6
Blend: 59% long stamples Egyptian cotton, 41% double twisted super combed cotton
Density: 290 g/m2
Release: November 2017
Colour: sky blue
Key Features: cush, texture, toddler-worthy

About the Brand:
Made of motherly love woven into baby slings, designed by a mum for mums. The slings are woven in England and hand finished in Scotland.
All yarns used to make fabric has OEKO-TEX® certificate and are suitable for babies.
Marisso’s owner and creator Ana, is using the best quality yarns for the wraps.



The days are very short. It gets dark before you convince the toddler to go up!
We carried in #Caver the whole week, by in the darkness…
So, I took the wrap for a walk to take photos for the review

The Pattern Look:

The pattern and the colour reminded me of the summer days by the sea, so we went to find some water in the city.
I absolutely love the pattern! The scale of the bifurcating lines and the overall proportion create a perfect pattern for the baby wrap!

The weave and this particular blend make the pattern feel three-dimensional not only by the look, but by touch.

The Wrapping Qualities:

In terms of wrapping qualities, it’s a perfect toddler prison! Even sloppy wrap job is rock solid with this wrap.
It feels much more than declared 290gsm. It’ll likely get softer with wear, but personally I found it a bit too thick, especially on the second passes in FWCC. The weight comes with cush, which feels very good.

Thank you #Marisso and Andreia Miranda For the opportunity to test this wrap!



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