Review Marisso Slings Aspen (pink tussah)

Brand: Marisso Slings
Wrap Name: Aspen , Size 6
Blend: 50% ELS Cotton, 50% Navy Tussah Jaspe
Density: 280 g/m2
Release: March 2018
Colour: magenta/dark navy
Key Features: high tussah, supportive, fashionable
About the Brand:
Made of motherly love woven into baby slings, designed by a mum for mums. The slings are woven in England and hand finished in Scotland.
All yarns used to make fabric has OEKO-TEX® certificate and are suitable for babies.
Marisso’s owner and creator Ana, is using the best quality yarns for the wraps.



I received size 6 as a tester. The wrap has striking appearance, woven on the magenta warp with dark navy tussah weft. High tussah content makes it very cosy to touch and creates cute silk balls in the dark parts of the pattern. It’s a personal preference, but I love this tussah feature.

It feels and looks matt, not plain but more like a very expensive matt lipstick that instantly brightens your day!


The Pattern Look:

Aspen has stolen my heart! I would rate it #1 new leafy pattern across all brands, if such rating existed. I find it very difficult to come up with the fresh take on the leaves/flowers/greenery theme. We see so many variations across the brands, but Aspen is something different!

Aspen looks impressive when wrapped and the pattern has just the right scale. Intricately interweaved stylised leaves create a continues field without noticeable lines of the pattern repeat.

The pattern looks great both on the right and wrong sides in all colour combinations I’ve seen so far. Personally, I’m dreaming of shiny aspen with teal warp and copper or bronze weft.

There are other Aspens out there, just to mention a few: Aspen Winter seems to be an amazing take on natty and Aspen Frozen Night is another tussah colour variation that looks perfect in this pattern.

I hope to see more of Aspen in the future.

Wearing Qualities

It’s very easy to wrap and adjust. The wrap feels medium thick and  supportive.

It has the right amount of grip, mainly due to the texture of the yarns. In this blend the pattern itself doesn’t feel extremely textured. By comparison, Caver pattern has much more pattern-driven texture. It would be interesting to try Aspen in different blend



Stylish details


Navy Tussah weft

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